CSS3 Pulsating Arrow (Fade In/Out Opacity)

Here’s a real simple and quick example how to make a pulsating arrow using only CSS.  I left some WordPress PHP in there; I just chopped this right out something I was working on.  I hope it helps!

WordPress: Change Absolute Image Paths (Fast!)

When migrating a WordPress site you may notice that images still point back to the previous server (or localhost).  Even if you go into the Settings or database and change the site_url you’ll still find post images pointing back to their original location.  You may also notice that certain theme and plugin setting retain the old […]

Genesis Framework: Change Entry Footer in Child Theme

You can add something like this to your functions.php: In this case I will be rendering something like this in the footer of each post:

Change WooCommerce “No Shipping Method” Message

You probably want to change this message: No shipping methods were found; please recalculate your shipping or continue to checkout and enter your full address to see if there is shipping available to your location. You can override it in the template.  If you’ve never overwritten a WooCommerce template here how: go into the WooCommerce […]

jQuery “on” With preventDefault in CoffeeScript

I don’t use CoffeeScript all that often and for reason I just couldn’t think of how to do this…

Remove .php Extension Using mod_rewrite

Here’s how to make some instantly pretty-urls for a simple PHP site. 1.  Create a .htaccess file in the root directory of your site (or open the one that is there). 2. Add this: 3. Party.

Generate Fake Data for Testing Your Web App!

When writing and testing a web applications it’s important to test with a good amount of data. This is important for performance reasons and can help track down bugs as well (user names you didn’t expect, geo locations you never thought to test, etc). I just stumbled upon GenerateData.com. It’s an online tool that will […]

ASP.NET MVC 3: Share Add/edit Form With View Partials

Sometimes it can be efficient to share the HTML between the add and edit views in your application.

ASP.NET MVC: Adding a Class to a Razor Html.ActionLink

It turns out “class” is a reserved word and you need to prefix it with the “@” symbol.

C#: Resize an Image Proportionally (Specify Max Width/height)

Here’s a little function in C# to resize an image with proportional constraints.

ASP.NET MVC 2/3: File Upload Model Binding (HttpPostedFileBase)

Bind your file upload to your view model.

Flash: Images Look Jagged When Rotating, Scaling, Etc…

Do your mitmap images in Flash look like crap when animated to rotate or scale?

Grab an RSS Feed With PHP

Get an RSS feed and display it on a website using PHP.

Windows 7 External Hard Drive Won’t Show Up

Problems getting external hard drives to show up in Windows 7.

iPhone: Turn Off Vibration

Disable the vibration setting on your iPhone.

Cannot Add the Item Because the Item to Add It to Is Not a Solution Folder or the Solution.

While trying to add a project to a solution in Visual Studio 2010 I got this error:

Cannot add the item because the item to add it to is not a solution folder or the solution.

ASP.NET: Render RadioButtonList or CheckBoxList as Unordered List

RadioButtonList and CheckBoxList controls render out as a table by default. Let’s change that.

C#: Get YouTube Video ID From URL With Regex

I’m just posting this here for those of you who want a quick way to grab that YouTube video key from a URL. First off, I snagged the following regex from this StackOverflow post. It looks like this: I gave it a test drive in RegexHero and it seemed to work quite well. There are […]

C# Split String (Argument Type ‘string’ Is Not Assignable to ‘char’)

I bet you need to use single quotes.

GIT: Get Deleted Files Into the Staging Area

git add . won’t seem to get manually deleted files into the staging area. What gives?

.NET C#: Old School ADO.NET Db Data Retrieval

Grab some database information the old ADO.NET way.

LESS – Compile and Minimize on Command Line (Lessc)

If you want to compile your LESS script and output a minimized CSS file in one line…

A Quick Way to See How Fast Your WordPress Pages Are Generated

How many seconds/milliseconds did it take the page to render?

iPhone: Stop Text Message From Popping Up on Screen

Sometimes for privacy reasons you might not want your messages to automatically show up on your home/lock screen.

Create Some Models and Get the Data Flowing With Rails 3.2

We have a fresh Rails project and want to play with some data right meow.

jQuery: Check if an Element Is on the Page

A quick reminder.

C#: Check a Dataset for Results

Check if a .NET DataSet has any results.

Spark ViewEngine: Format Date/time

Format a DateTime object within a Spark view (ASP.NET MVC + Spark View Engine).

Generate a Controller and View With Rails 3

Use ‘rails generate’ to create a quick controller and view.

Create a New Project With Rails 3.2

We’ll use “rails new” to create a new project with Rails 3.2. We’ll also run this new site using the Rails built-in server.

iPhone: Safari Private Browsing (Stop Browser From Saving History)

I assume you’ll be looking at porn.

Install Ruby on Rails 3.2 With RVM

I just installed Ruby on Rails on my Mac and thought I’d share the quick details.

Download Files/directories From Server Using the Terminal and SCP

I don’t bother with FTP servers on my Linux based servers. Transferring files with SCP is more convenient when you’re working in the terminal anyway.

C#: Enum to List in One Line!

I’m not necessarily recommending you do it this way… but here you go: Enum.GetValues(typeof(ProgramImageFileNames)).Cast().Select(v => v.ToString()).ToList()

Popular Posts (By Comment Count) in WordPress With No Plug-In

Here’s some code you can use in your theme to display posts based on how many comments they have.

How to Clear History, Cookies, Cache in Firefox

I’ll show you you how to clear out private information (history, cookies, cache, etc) in Firefox for both Mac and PC.

How to Clear History, Cookies, Cache in Chrome

I’ll show you you how to clear out private information (history, cookies, cache, etc) in Google Chrome for both Mac and PC.

Javascript: Get Variables From Querystring

Parse information from the query string using javascript.

Notepad++ Word and Character Count (Updated!)

It took my 15 minutes to figure out how to get the word/character count in Notepad++. I hope this saves you time.

PHP: Unserialize() Error at Offset… (Simple Solution)

A quick solution to an annoying “Error at offset…” problem.